Launch casino affiliate websites in a snap.

Referric takes care of the design, front-end, CMS and hosting, allowing you to focus on content and link building. Launch your site in a matter of days.

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How fast is it really?

quickstart step 1 - pick a layout for your pages


1. Pick a layout
for your pages

quickstart step 2 - send your theme assets


2. Submit your
theme assets

quickstart step 3 - connect your domain name


3. Connect your
domain name

quickstart step 4 - publish and start earning


4. Publish and
start ranking


Your logo, colours and fonts work hand in hand with our industry-standard page layouts. Each Referric website is unique; you don't have to worry about blending in.

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Launch Ready

We take care of the hosting, design, front-end and CMS so you can start promoting your iGaming affiliate websites more quickly!

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Better SEO

Our platform uses the latest web technologies to quickly load pages. Forget WordPress, the future is headless CMS. Access all the tools required for SEO to push and maintain top positions.

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The casino affiliate website solution is here.

iGaming Focused

Referric's developers have more than 15 years of iGaming experience. We have chosen to fill this enormous gap that many other similarly minded peers as yourself have requested because we are aware of the value of content and link building.

Page speed

Page speed is one of the most crucial elements for ranking in Google's SERPs, which are continually changing. You'll need a platform that can rapidly execute lengthy pages if you want effective SEO. Referric does precisely that and more.


Referric provides you with the appropriate compliance solutions for your casino affiliate website, regardless of the market you intend to target. Compliance backlogs will be a thing of the past.

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Your affiliate site without design and dev time.

Save Time & Money

Referric will help you save time so you can concentrate on creating quality content and establishing outbound links. Our pricing is also way less than building a site from scratch.

Market Faster

Avoid the lengthy web development and design time; pick a layout, submit your logo, font and brand colours and launch your new casino affiliate website in just a few days!

Boost SERP

Use our solution for your PBN network and satellite websites to further raise your domain authority. Powered by the latest web technologies for better SEO and page speed.

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No, unless that is your goal. Referric offers plenty of options for your theme that will make your site unique.

One time flat fee payment. If you are launching multiple sites you can ask for a bulk discount.

No coding knowledge needed. Our CMS solution is easy to use for anyone.

Languages that write from left to right direction are supported. Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox browsers and their mobile equivalents are supported.

SSL certificate is part of our package, no need to purchase one.

No, because we are a SEO first powerhouse engine with Google core updates as our fuel. Similar HTML code won't affect your SEO, but Correct SEO structure, responsive and lightweight code will - Referric check all those boxes and more.

Yes, we are aware of the risks of hosting multiple sites on the same server (IP) but based on our research, Google will raise a flag if they notice +100 sites with the strict purpose of backlinking to 1 single site. We don't encourage that with our PBN strategy, but anything between 5-10-30 sites on the same server will decrease the risks enormously and increase your domain authority.

Ready to launch your casino affiliate website?

You can start publishing content in a few days.

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Referric is the first white label solution for casino and sportsbook affiliates. Our extensive package includes design, front-end, back-end and hosting. You can now launch new affiliate websites in a matter of days.
Referric was designed to make casino and sportsbook affiliates' job easier with a feature-rich solution that fullfills the technical requirements for your new website to rank well on search engines' result pages, as well as offer a pleasant user experience that your visitors will love. Referric is a platform that is super fast, easy to use and is professionally built with the latest technologies available.

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