Who are we?

Our team consists of experienced web developers, designers, and affiliate managers that have been involved in the iGaming industry since 2007. Referric was born to empower affiliate businesses all over the world by offering them an option to launch new casino affiliate sites quickly, efficiently, and with very little preparation.

Any net-worth?

Referric is a solution that was created by the award-winning iGaming Studio (iGS). With 15 years of experience in iGaming (iGS since 2018), conventional advertising, design and web development, you get the same technological and artistic skills that made iGS the top design agency for iGaming brands. Our team is well known in the industry and knows what demands affiliates have in this fast-changing environment.

Here are some of the awards iGS has won over the past few years in design and development:

award 1award 2award 3award 4 award 5 award 6

for more info, check out the iGS website.

Our Mission?

Currently, there are no easy and quick solutions for affiliate business to create a casino affiliate website. The traditional route will take between 2-4 months before you can actually start publishing content and start working on your Google rankings. We guarantee you a seamless launch in just a few days.

Referric is the first in the iGaming industry to offer a white label solution for casino affiliate businesses. As a dedicated team, we pledge to the following statements:

Launch Quick

Launching a new site with Referric only takes a few days after the onboarding process is completed. It wouldn't even be fair to compare it to tradition solutions that take at least 2-3 months, if there are no bumps in the road along. Launch seamlessly with Referric in just a few days.

Extend Your Reach

We know the importance of strength­ening your main page with various different SEO strategies. One of them being satellite sites or PBN (Private Blog Networks). Since Referric gives you the opportunity to launch fast, we can release dozens or even hundreds of sites if needed.

White Label Solution

Just like any other white-label solution, we’ve gathered many years of industry experience and learnings to offer you a solution that focuses on igaming affiliation. You can be certain that your website will look and feel like it’s a private label website.

Want to learn more?

Check out our extensive list of features and our documentation to learn more about why our white label solution is a game changer for affiliates businesses.

Ready to launch your casino affiliate website?

You can start publishing content in a few days.

Launch a New Site
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Referric is the first white label solution for casino and sportsbook affiliates. Our extensive package includes design, front-end, back-end and hosting. You can now launch new affiliate websites in a matter of days.
Referric was designed to make casino and sportsbook affiliates' job easier with a feature-rich solution that fullfills the technical requirements for your new website to rank well on search engines' result pages, as well as offer a pleasant user experience that your visitors will love. Referric is a platform that is super fast, easy to use and is professionally built with the latest technologies available.

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