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Do you know someone who is planning to launch their new casino affiliate website? Or wanting to extend their current website reach? Connect us and receive €1,000 cash*.
Pretty nice deal, right?

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Sign-up with the button below and follow the instructions.

Step 2

After a successful onboarding, you'll receive your cut from their order.

Step 3

Repeat as many times as you wish.***

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* Includes VAT where applicable. Valid invoice required for fee payments. Payment will be sent via bank transfer to bank account complying with EU regulations.
** Successful onboarding means at least one purchased white label website.
*** Applicable once per referred company (and/or person).

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Referric is the first white label solution for casino and sportsbook affiliates. Our extensive package includes design, front-end, back-end and hosting. You can now launch new affiliate websites in a matter of days.
Referric was designed to make casino and sportsbook affiliates' job easier with a feature-rich solution that fullfills the technical requirements for your new website to rank well on search engines' result pages, as well as offer a pleasant user experience that your visitors will love. Referric is a platform that is super fast, easy to use and is professionally built with the latest technologies available.

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