An Extensive List of Referric Features

Launching with Referric is a no-brainer. Here's why.

Launch Quick

Launching a new site with Referric only takes a few days after the onboarding process is completed. It wouldn't even be fair to compare it to tradition solutions that take at least 2-3 months, if there are no bumps in the road along. Launch seamlessly with Referric in just a few days.

Extend Your Reach

We know the importance of strength­ening your main page with various different SEO strategies. One of them being satellite sites or PBN (Private Blog Networks). Since Referric gives you the opportunity to launch fast, we can release dozens or even hundreds of sites if needed.

White Label Solution

Just like any other white-label solution, we’ve gathered many years of industry experience and learnings to offer you a solution that focuses on igaming affiliation. You can be certain that your website will look and feel like it’s a private label website.

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SEO Powerhouse

We’ve combined the best SEO practices into Referric. Performance, accessibility, and best practices in development are the core of what makes a Referric site so great. You could almost imagine it as nitrous for cars, by choosing Referric as your affiliate website solution, you’ll have all the tools required to boost your site(s) all the way to number 1 on Google rankings.

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The usual method to create a casino affiliate website from scratch costs at least double the amount of a Referric site, and will take months and months to get it up and running. Now you can launch multiple sites at once: boost your network with a lot more traffic and expand your reach a lot faster than you've ever thought it's going to grow.

Compliance Support

We all know the constant changes in today's gambling regulation market. It’s becoming tougher for affiliates to keep up with frequent updates, which can create serious backlog problems along the way. We’ve thought about this and created all the essential features needed for you to comply with regulations.

Intuitive CMS

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in this space, you'll have an easy time publishing content through our intuitive CMS solution. No unnecessary menus and features to get lost in, we only included what is going to be important for you. We also have an extensive guide that will help you along the way.

Cloud Hosting

Not only do we take care of the design, front-end and CMS, Hosting is also included in our white-label solution with free SSL included. Cloud hosting is today's top technology that grants the best speed for Referric websites, combined with Github's CDN you'll be able to serve visitors all over the world with the highest speed possible.

Headless CMS

Headless CMS is the best you can get: your website's pages will be ready for visitors to view as static HTML - unlike when you use Wordpress where the pages are built from pieces on request. There is also no need for plugins - which causes slow downs on the long run for a conventional CMS - headless CMS will just work as fast as how it was on day one.


Don’t we all hate the annoying pop-ups when we visit a website? What do we actually agree to? Most of the time, we agree to use unnecessary cookies that will track our movement through­out different websites. This is not necessary for Referric sites. Cookieless is the future of the internet, so we made sure your new site works well without cookies.

List of Techincal Referric Features

Features for the geek.

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Referric sites come packed with features that will make your life easier. You cannot really go wrong with using the latest tech available on the market - your Referric site will be blazing fast, search engines will love your handwritten code that doesn't use 3rd party plugins slowing it down, and your users will love the clean and neat experience when visiting your site.

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Top Notch UX Features

Your new site will have the fine details of what you'll only get from top notch design agencies: smooth scrolling, animated transitions when traversing between pages, full screen mode (it's so new you won't even see it anywhere else for a while) and more. We take UX seriously, and will give your visitors a great experience when visiting your Referric site.

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Although it should be the norm in today's online environment that websites are all responsive - since the whole world is using mobile devices for at least a decade now - it's still pretty easy to find websites that look terrible on handheld devices. Rest assured, your new Referric site will be responsive and look great on all devices.

Layout Options

Referric currently has two base layout options for you to choose from when setting up your new website(s). We picked the two most popular ways of showing casinos: in a list of long rows and as a list of cards. These options will mostly affect the desktop view of your site.

Custom Categories

Our smart categories are easy to use and allows you to create pages with new topics whenever there is a need for it. A new emerging topic appeared recently? You can create your own tag and apply it to a page and for existing or new casinos to filter the list results of that page with.

Organise Entries

You'll be able to organise your pages in the menu as well as your reviews lists, which you can also limit with a numeric entry to show a specific number of casinos on your pages. Combined with the custom categories you'll have all the freedom needed to tailor your content as you wish.

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Referric is the first white label solution for casino and sportsbook affiliates. Our extensive package includes design, front-end, back-end and hosting. You can now launch new affiliate websites in a matter of days.
Referric was designed to make casino and sportsbook affiliates' job easier with a feature-rich solution that fullfills the technical requirements for your new website to rank well on search engines' result pages, as well as offer a pleasant user experience that your visitors will love. Referric is a platform that is super fast, easy to use and is professionally built with the latest technologies available.

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